TGC Goalie Summer Camps

The Goalie Club Goalie Summer Camps

The Goalie ClubAt TGC's Goalie School, we offer a variety of programs to fit your needs and skill level. Our programs feature unique training levels (Fundamental, Situational, Verge, Prodigy, Junior/College/Pro) that are only available through TGC. To learn about these training levels before making a decision on your camp selection, click here.

To sign up for a camp or session, scroll down and click on the "sign up" button next to your camp of choice! Hurry, don't miss your opportunity! At TGC we keep our Goalie to Station ratios low which means these camps can sell out!

What to expect at our Camps

  • 3 hours of on-ice daily instruction
  • 1-1 video instruction
  • Daily evaluations
  • TGC workbooks
  • Classroom theory sessions
  • Goaltender specific dryland program
  • Pro Yoga instruction (when available)* 
    *Boarding Camps Only

Goalie to Station Ratios offered:

  • 3-1 Standard Ratio :: 1/3 of time in net
  • 2-1 Dedicated Ratio :: 1/2 the time in net
  • 1-1 Ratio :: Intense & Challenging

Our Boarding Camps have seen goalies from all over the world attend!

The Goalie Club Video Share

The Goalie Club Video ShareThe Goalie Club is now offering daily video of your Goalie while at TGC camps! This TGC Video Share will feature up to 3 minutes a day of your Goalie doing drill work at our video station. An unedited version of the video will be emailed for your own personal use to review and watch time and time again. 

The cost of this service is $75 for the camp.



TGC Hoodies

SSM Activity

Boarding/Day Camp Overview

6:45am: Wake Up
7:00am: Breakfast
7:30am: On-Ice, Yoga, or Dryland
9:00am: On-Ice, Yoga, or Dryland
10:30am: On-Ice, Yoga, or Dryland
12:00pm: Lunch 
12:50pm: On-Ice, Classroom/Video or PreGame Prep
2:10pm: On-Ice, Classroom/Video or PreGame Prep
3:50pm: On-Ice, Classroom/Video or PreGame Prep
5:10pm: Day Ends for Day Campers
5:30pm: Dinner
6:00pm: Rest
7:00pm: Crickleball Game (Boarding & Day campers welcome on Parade field)
8:00pm: Rest
9:00pm: Shower, wind down, snacks
10:00pm: Own rooms
10:15pm: Lights out

Check-in will take place at 5pm on Sunday and will be followed by dinner and 1 hour of conditioning and movement. Must be Peewee/Bantam age or higher.

*Optional Airport transportation available to and from MSP International Airport.

2023 Summer Camps

The Goalie Club Goalie Summer Camps

Faribault, MN (SSM) Private Lesson Day/Boarding Camps
June 18th - 23rd
Boarding or 8:30am - 5pm
Jr/College/Pro • Fundamental • Situational
Verge • Prodigy • Shooters*(see below)
Cost (Ratio)
$845 (2:1) • $1690 (1:1)
Shooter: $350 day
Residence/Boarding: add $850
Airport Transportation: $300
Extra Night Stay: $150
June 25th - 30th
Boarding or 8:30am - 5pm
Jr/College/Pro • Fundamental • Situational
Verge • Prodigy • Shooters*(see below)
Cost (Ratio)
$845 (2:1) • $1690 (1:1)
Shooter: $350 day
Residence/Boarding: add $850
Airport Transportation: $300
Extra Night Stay: $150
August 7th - 11th
Day Camp Only  9am - 3pm
Jr/College/Pro • Fundamental • Situational
Verge • Prodigy • Shooters*(see below)
Cost (Ratio)
$845 (2:1) • $1690 (1:1)
Shooter: $275 day
Additional Camp Details / What To Bring

Sign up for one, two, or all three SSM camps! 

This type of deep training will be able to concentrate on sound fundamentals, save selection and movements and game situation drills.

Each goalie will be able to spend one (1) hour on-ice Sunday and three (3) hours on-ice per day Monday - Friday (16 Total hours on-ice) working on these three areas with practices designed by Coach Des and his staff. The off-ice portion of the camp will consist of mental training, stretching, dynamic warm-up, pre-game and practice approach. Each Evening video is broken down by TGC staff to reflect on the positives of the day.

Is this type of camp right for you? Ask yourself these three questions.

1. Are you passionate about Goaltending, your game and getting better?
2. Are you willing to be pushed and try new techniques and approaches?
3. Do you or do you think you could excel in a private training environment?

Female campers will board in their own dorm with an on-site female coach.

What To Bring?

  • Bed Linens (size single)
  • Pillow
  • Blanket
  • Towel
  • Personal Hygiene Products
  • Running Shoes
  • Fan (optional)
  • Cooler For Snacks/Drinks
  • Spending Money (for sharpening/snacks)
  • Bug Spray (optional)

Mankato, MN Day Camp
July 10th - 14th
9:00am - 3:00pm
Fundamental • Situational
Verge • Prodgiy • Shooters*(see below)
Cost (Ratio)
$575 (3:1) • $845 (2:1) • $1690 (1:1)
Shooter: $195 half day • $295 full day

Eagan, MN Day Camp
July 31st - 4th
9:00am - 3:00pm
Fundamental • Situational
Verge • Prodigy • Shooters*(see below)
Cost (Ratio)
$575 (3:1) • $845 (2:1) • $1690 (1:1)
Shooter: $195 half day  $295 full day

Campers arriving via airline must be able to fly on their own. Some airlines require a signed waiver for this. TGC staff will pick up campers at baggage claim and bring them to SSM.

Female campers will stay in their own dorm, accompanied by an on-site female coach.

Day Campers
Please be sure to bring a bag lunch! Camps typically run from 9am-3pm. Official schedule will be sent to you with your registration package.

Half day of on-ice shooting $175. Add $100 for Full Day. There is no shooting coach and no formal evaluation. Shooters will assist with Goalie Coaches in running each drill. This is NOT a shooting school. Our half day camp will have 3 hours on-ice and full day camp will have 6 hours on-ice.

All Campers will treat others with respect. Failure to abide by this simple rule will result in a stern warning. If behavior continues, the player will be asked to leave. There will be zero tolerance of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco during TGC Boarding Camps. Any disregard for this rule will result in the immediate removal from camp with no refund.

Deposit/Refunds Policies
A 50% deposit is required at the time of registration. The balance is due 30 days prior to your camp start date. Any cancellation will be refunded, minus a $75.00 cancellation fee. Registration may be completed and sent in via US Mail by clicking here, printing the form and sending in the completed copy with your payment.